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Boat Storage Location in Ottawa

Navigating the vast world of boat storage can be daunting, but CFT Storage in Ottawa simplifies the process for you. As the prime Boat Storage Facility in the region, our commitment is to offer tailored solutions that resonate with individual needs.

From the convenience of Open-Air Boat Storage for those sunny day outings to Covered Boat Storage for added protection against unpredictable weather, our diverse range caters to every boat owner. Those looking for specialized options will appreciate our Indoor Boat Warehouse and Outdoor Boat Rack offerings, designed to provide both protection and ease of access.

And for boats that require particular care, our Climate-Controlled Storage stands out as an excellent choice. Regardless of the season, our Year-Round Boat Parking ensures your boat’s safety and accessibility are always top priority.

Marina Storage Options that Fit Your Lifestyle

Versatile Solutions for Every Vessel

At CFT Storage in Ottawa, we understand that every boat owner has a distinct lifestyle and, correspondingly, unique storage requirements. Catering to a myriad of boating enthusiasts, we have meticulously designed our facilities to seamlessly fit into every boater’s life.

Be it the Secure Boat Dockage for those who emphasize security, the Open-Air Boat Storage for enthusiasts who love the breeze on their vessel, or the Covered Boat Storage for those who want to shield their prized possession from the elements – we have it all.

Those eyeing long-term solutions will find our Long-term Storage ideal, while the Boat Trailer Storage is perfect for those with additional equipment. Furthermore, for boaters who juggle between aquatic and road adventures, our combined RV and Boat Storage offers the best of both worlds.

And when winter arrives in Ottawa, our Winter Boat Storage ensures your boat remains protected from the harsh elements. No matter your preference, our Marina Storage Options are crafted to be in sync with your lifestyle, offering both convenience and security.

Prioritizing Secure Boat Dockage

Comprehensive Safety Measures for Peace of Mind

In the heart of Ottawa, CFT Storage is not just about providing space; it’s about ensuring that every vessel docked with us is under the safest care. Recognizing the value and sentiments attached to your boats, our facility incorporates state-of-the-art measures to uphold the security of every craft.

Our Secure Boat Dockage stands as a testament to our commitment to safeguarding your vessel. Outfitted with 24-hour surveillance, our Camera and lights system constantly monitors the premises. The Fenced perimeter acts as a formidable barrier against unauthorized access, complemented by the Automatic Gate that controls entry and exit.

For those who desire an added layer of protection, the Indoor Boat Warehouse offers sheltered storage, while the Gated Boat Storage provides an exclusive space for your boat. Furthermore, our Boatyard and Marina Services team is always vigilant, ensuring that your boat remains in the pristine condition you left it in. At CFT, we prioritize security, so you can sail with absolute peace of mind.

Covered or Open-Air – The Choice is Yours

Tailored Spaces for Your Vessel’s Comfort

At CFT Storage in Ottawa, we emphasize choice and flexibility. Recognizing that different vessels and owners have varying preferences and needs, our facility is equipped to offer both covered and open-air storage options, ensuring every boater finds the perfect spot for their prized possession.

For those who seek protection against the unpredictable Canadian weather, our Covered Boat Storage offers a shielded haven, ensuring your boat remains unaffected by the elements. On the other hand, the Open-Air Boat Storage option is perfect for those who prefer their boats to bask under the sky, ready for spontaneous adventures.

And if you’re someone who switches between water and road escapades, the combined RV and Boat Storage space offers a comprehensive solution. Furthermore, our Self-Service Boat Storage system ensures you have the autonomy to access your boat whenever you wish.

No matter your inclination – be it the allure of the open skies or the snug protection of a covered space – CFT Storage provides the ideal setting for your boat’s stay.

Winter Solutions with Winter Boat Storage

Shielding Your Vessel from Winter’s Grasp

Ottawa’s winters are renowned for their beauty, but they also bring challenges for boat owners. At CFT Storage, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing optimal winter solutions, ensuring that your boat remains protected and preserved during the coldest months of the year.

Our specialized Winter Boat Storage is designed to withstand Ottawa’s harsh winter conditions. For boat owners concerned about freezing temperatures and snow, our Climate-Controlled Storage offers an environment where your boat remains at a stable temperature, preventing any cold-induced wear and tear. Additionally, the Indoor Boat Warehouse option provides a safe refuge from snowfall and ice.

Those looking for extended storage solutions will appreciate the Long-term Storage options tailored for winter months.

With added features like Wet and Dry Boat Storage to cater to different boat types and Boat Trailer Storage for those with additional equipment, we ensure every aspect of your winter storage needs is covered. At CFT Storage, we make certain that your boat braves the winter, ready to sail once the season changes.

Year-Round Boat Parking

Seasonal Adaptability for Continuous Adventures

Every season brings its unique charm, and for passionate boaters, there’s no off-season. Understanding this passion and commitment, CFT Storage in Ottawa offers year-round boat parking, making sure that no matter the time of year, your boat has a secure spot awaiting its next adventure.

Whether it’s the balmy summers with spontaneous lake trips or the serene winters when boats are in hibernation, our Year-Round Boat Parking accommodates your vessel’s needs. For the warm months, options like Open-Air Boat Storage and Watercraft Storage allow easy accessibility for those impromptu rides.Boat Storage Location in Ottawa

As temperatures drop, the Winter Boat Storage and Climate-Controlled Storage provide the necessary protection. Furthermore, the combined RV and Boat Storage feature ensures that all your recreational vehicles, whether for land or water, find a home at CFT.

With Drive-up Coded Access, reaching your boat becomes a breeze, any time of the year. At CFT Storage, we celebrate your love for boating, ensuring a dedicated spot for your boat throughout the calendar.

Expansive Spaces for Your Maritime Needs

Space, freedom, and accessibility often top the list for boat owners when considering storage solutions. CFT Storage’s Boat Yard Storage in Ottawa provides all three, offering expansive areas tailored for boating enthusiasts who prefer a more open environment for their vessels.

Our Boat Yard Storage provides ample room, ensuring easy maneuverability and accessibility for boats of all sizes. Whether you have a small skiff, a sailing yacht, or anything in between, the boat yard accommodates with ease. Furthermore, the provision for Boat Trailer Storage means you don’t have to worry about separately storing your towing equipment.

For those who require varied storage solutions, combining Wet and Dry Boat Storage options within the boatyard setting allows for versatility. And, if you’re juggling between aquatic and terrestrial adventures, our RV and Boat Storage within the yard ensures that both your beloved vehicles are taken care of.

Opting for the Boat Yard Storage at CFT means giving your boat the expansive setting it deserves, with the freedom to access and manage it on your terms.

Beyond Boats – RV and Boat Storage

Dual Adventures, Unified Storage Solution

At CFT Storage in Ottawa, we recognize the adventurous spirit isn’t limited to the waters. For those who traverse both land and sea, our combined RV and Boat Storage solutions ensure that all your recreational vehicles, whether they tread asphalt or sail waves, have a secure and accessible home.

The RV and Boat Storage option is tailored for adventurers who don’t settle for just one mode of exploration. While our Open-Air Boat Storage and Covered Boat Storage options cater to your maritime needs, the dedicated spaces for RVs ensure your road-tripping home-on-wheels is equally cared for.

As seasons change, the Winter Boat Storage ensures your vessel is safeguarded against Ottawa’s chilly months, while your RV remains ready for any winter road escapade. Additionally, the Boat Trailer Storage feature sees to it that even your towing equipment has a designated space.

With the convenience of Drive-up Coded Access, both your boat and RV are always within easy reach, prepped for the next adventure. CFT Storage celebrates the multifaceted spirit of adventure by offering a holistic storage solution for all your recreational vehicles.

Indoor Boat Warehouse for Added Protection

Ultimate Safety in a Controlled Environment

When it comes to safeguarding your prized vessel from the elements, nothing provides as much peace of mind as an indoor storage solution. CFT Storage in Ottawa takes this protection up a notch with our state-of-the-art Indoor Boat Warehouse, ensuring your boat remains shielded and in pristine condition.

The Indoor Boat Warehouse offers an environment tailored for the meticulous boat owner. Within this setting, the boat is not only protected from external weather conditions but also from dust and potential pollutants.

Those who prioritize their boat’s longevity will appreciate the Climate-Controlled Storage within the warehouse, maintaining an optimal temperature and humidity level for the boat. Additionally, our facility also offers Boat Trailer Storage, making sure that your boat’s transportation equipment is as well-preserved as the boat itself.

Coupled with features like Drive-up Coded Access and State of the Art Security, accessing your boat becomes a seamless and secure experience. Entrusting your vessel to the Indoor Boat Warehouse at CFT Storage means providing it with unparalleled protection, ensuring it’s always ready for the waters.

Outdoor Boat Rack Options

Maximized Storage with Elevated Accessibility

Space-saving, efficient, and accessible, outdoor boat racks have become increasingly popular among boating enthusiasts. At CFT Storage in Ottawa, we offer robust and well-designed Outdoor Boat Rack options, ensuring your boat is both securely stored and ready for its next adventure at a moment’s notice.

Our Outdoor Boat Rack system is not just about compact storage; it’s about maximizing convenience for boat owners. Designed to accommodate various boat sizes, these racks allow for quicker launch times, ensuring you spend more moments on the water and fewer preparing on land.

For those with additional equipment, our Boat Trailer Storage integrates seamlessly with the rack system, offering a holistic storage solution. If you’re considering varied storage for different seasons, the combination of Wet and Dry Boat Storage within the vicinity complements the rack options.

And, with the added benefit of Drive-up Coded Access and our commitment to security, accessing your boat from the rack becomes both swift and secure. Choosing the Outdoor Boat Rack options at CFT Storage means embracing efficiency without compromising on safety or accessibility.

Convenient Boat Slips for Rent

Direct Access to Aquatic Adventures

For avid boaters, immediate access to water is often a prime concern. CFT Storage in Ottawa understands this passion, offering strategically located Boat Slips for Rent. These slips ensure that your boat is not just securely stored, but also ready to sail at a whim, minimizing the gap between storage and adventure.

Our Boat Slips for Rent provide a seamless blend of security and convenience. Nestled in a prime location, these slips offer boaters the unique advantage of near-instantaneous access to the water. This means less time prepping and more time enjoying the open waters.

Additionally, for those who require storage for their towing equipment, the adjacent Boat Trailer Storage ensures everything you need is within arm’s reach. With the assurance of State of the Art Security and the added benefit of Drive-up Coded Access, your boat is both protected and ready to go whenever the sea calls.

By opting for the Boat Slips for Rent at CFT Storage, you’re choosing a solution that places your love for boating at the forefront, ensuring adventure is always just a step away.

Watercraft Storage Solutions

Versatility Meets Secure Storage

Beyond traditional boats, many aquatic enthusiasts have a diverse range of watercraft, from jet skis to kayaks. At CFT Storage in Ottawa, we offer specialized Watercraft Storage Solutions that cater to these varied needs, ensuring every type of marine vehicle gets the attention and care it deserves.

Our Watercraft Storage is designed to accommodate the unique dimensions and requirements of different types of marine vehicles. Whether you own a high-speed jet ski or a serene paddleboard, our facility offers the perfect storage space tailored to your needs.

Adjacent to this, the Boat Trailer Storage ensures that even the equipment used to transport your smaller watercraft is securely housed. The Drive-up Coded Access system adds another layer of convenience, enabling easy and quick access to your watercraft whenever the water beckons.

Enhanced with State of Art Security, you can rest assured that whether it’s a kayak or a personal watercraft, it remains safe and ready for your next aquatic adventure. With CFT’s Watercraft Storage Solutions, every aquatic ride, big or small, finds its ideal home.

Self-Service Boat Storage

Empowering Boaters with Flexibility

In the modern age, autonomy and flexibility are paramount. At CFT Storage in Ottawa, we’ve incorporated these values into our offerings with the Self-Service Boat Storage option. Designed for those who value independence and spontaneity, this storage solution ensures your boat is always accessible, precisely on your terms.

Our Self-Service Boat Storage option resonates with boat owners who prefer to have direct control over their vessel’s storage and retrieval process. No waiting times, no intermediaries — just you, your boat, and the open water.

The convenience of Drive-up Coded Access guarantees that your boat is always within easy reach, while the nearby Boat Trailer Storage ensures all your towing equipment is just as accessible. For those with varying needs, the integration of Wet and Dry Boat Storage options allows for an adaptable storage experience.

And, with our unwavering commitment to State of the Art Security, peace of mind comes standard. By choosing CFT’s Self-Service Boat Storage, you’re taking the reins, ensuring your boating experiences remain as spontaneous and free-spirited as you are.

Climate-Controlled and Wet & Dry Boat Storage

Tailored Environments for Optimal Preservation

Diverse boats have diverse needs, and at CFT Storage in Ottawa, we recognize the importance of providing versatile storage options that cater to the unique requirements of each vessel. Whether you’re looking for a controlled environment to shield your boat from external elements or a choice between wet and dry storage, our facility has got you covered.

Our Climate-Controlled Storage is meticulously designed for boats that benefit from temperature and humidity regulation, ensuring that they remain in pristine condition year-round. This feature is particularly beneficial for boats with sensitive components or finishes that could be compromised by extreme weather conditions.Boat Storage Location in Ottawa

On the other hand, our Wet and Dry Boat Storage options provide boat owners with the flexibility to choose the most suitable storage type based on their boat’s design and their personal preferences. Be it the protection of dry storage or the immediacy of access that wet storage offers, CFT ensures you have the best of both worlds.

Complemented by Drive-up Coded Access and fortified with State of the Art Security, your boat’s safety and readiness are always prioritized. By opting for these versatile storage solutions at CFT, you’re ensuring your boat receives the specialized care it deserves, whatever its nature or needs.


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