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5 Reasons You Should Recycle Your Metal

5 Reasons You Should Recycle Your Metal

1. It's Good For The Environment

Recycling your scrap metal can help lower the demand for the mining of virgin ore. This reduces the amount of land required for mining operations which can help conserve forests and protect wetlands.

2. Your Wallet Will Thank You

When you recycle your metal with CFT Recycling, you will leave with money in your pocket! You can check out our current price list here on our website to learn what your metal is worth.


3. It Will Save You Money

By recycling your metal, you are allowing manufacturers to use this recycled metal in the production of their goods which lowers their costs. Some of these savings are then passed on to you, the consumer! Think canned goods, if a manufacturer could save money by using recycled tin to make their cans, then you will be able to buy their tin products for less!
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4. It Conserve Energy

Recycling your metal can help reduce the demand for natural resources that require vast amounts of energy to extract and process. Simply put, it takes far less energy to repurpose an old good than it does to build a new one. For example, using recycled copper in manufacturing saves nearly 90% of the energy required to build the same product from virgin copper.

5. We Can Make A Difference!

Each and every time you recycle your metal as opposed to sending it to a landfill, you are helping to fight climate change and protect our natural resources and habitats. Together, we can make a difference.