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40 Yard Dumpster Bin Rental

When you’re dealing with a high volume of debris, whether it’s from large-scale construction projects or significant estate clean-ups, a 40 yard dumpster rental is the perfect solution for managing large quantities of heavy debris. 

CFT Bins provides efficient delivery and pick-up services for all types of residential and commercial projects, making waste disposal convenient and stress-free no matter how much you need to dispose of. 

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About Our 40 Yard Dumpster Bins

40 yard Dumpster rental

*While tires, scrap vehicles, and large electronics should not be brought to a landfill, our recycling division provides environmentally friendly disposal solutions.

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CFT’s dumpster rentals come in a variety of sizes, from 10 yard all the way up to 40 yard, and are well-suited for anyone who wants to save multiple trips to local landfills. 


Non-hazardous waste including ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.


We pay you for your metal and we will recycle it responsibly.


Rapid and reliable services for construction or demolition jobs.


Compactor services for recycling and waste materials.

How To Rent a 40 Yard Dumpster Bin From Us!

Need residential 40 yard roll off bin rentals? What about commercial 40 yard dumpsters? We’ve got you covered. We’ll dispose of all your construction waste safely.

1. Get A Quote & Make An Order

Get in touch with our team, either through our handy estimate request form or by giving us a phone call. Our friendly staff will get your order started.

2. Arrange for a 40 yard bin to be delivered to your site

Once your order is made, you’ll choose a delivery date and time for us to drop off the 40 yard dumpster rental to your work site. Please make sure the drop-off area is a level surface, clear of any debris and obstructions (such as vehicles). It should have enough vertical clearance (i.e., is free from low hanging wires or branches) that our trucks can easily load and unload the container.

3. Settle Up

You’ll schedule the pick-up when you’re done with the dumpster (typically when you reach the weight limit). Once the 40 yard dumpster rental is taken away, we’ll determine the final price based on the weight and type of waste.

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Why Work With CFT Bins?

At CFT Bins, our ethical approach to business allows us to maximize value for our customers through trust and sincerity. Whether you’re a new customer or a returning client, we work hard to establish a relationship with you.

As a BBB accredited business, you can trust that our biggest asset is our caring and experienced team. Our staff is fully qualified, and will provide you with nothing short of excellent service. 

We have the disposal solution you’re looking for, no matter what material you’re dealing with. From vehicle recycling and removal, scrap metal recycling, and bin rental services, we are proud to share over 15 years of experience in the industry with our valued customers.

We prioritize sustainability and use our knowledge to educate our customers so they receive the best service possible.

Common 40 Yard Bin Questions

Typically, a 40 yard dumpster can hold about 10 metric tonnes of waste. However, how much weight you’re able to put into your dumpster rentals will vary based on the type of waste. If you’re disposing of particularly heavy materials, such as bricks, dirt, or concrete, you’ll likely only be able to fill the yard dumpster partially to ensure a safe pickup.

It’s best to discuss the project and type of debris with one of our team before you get the dumpster delivered. 

Dumpster rental costs can vary quite a bit, as the final cost is based on weight used, whether the company charges a flat or variable rate, and the type of material you’re throwing away. At CFT, a dumpster rental can start at $450.

If you’re renting a residential dumpster rental, the average cost is around $800 CAD.

Rental costs will be based on the weight of the debris and the rental period, but a flat rate may also apply. The flat rate includes built-in charges for drop off/pick up, landfill disposal fees, and any administrative costs. 

Be sure to note that additional fees may apply if:

  • You exceed the weight limit included with your dumpster size
  • You need to extend the rental period for your roll off dumpster
  • You include prohibited items in your container
  • The dumpster is packed too tightly, or the contents are stuck inside
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40 Yard Dumpster Details

Dumpster Size

The biggest determining factor for the overall cost of dumpster rentals will be the size of the bin. If you need the largest size we offer, a 40-yard dumpster is 23 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 7 feet tall. This is roughly the equivalent of 16 pickup truck loads, and it has a weight limit of 10 metric tonnes. 

Best Use Cases

A 40 yard dumpster rental is the right size for large-scale projects or those that will result in large amounts of trash.

Large-scale home renovations, such as adding a new room, remodeling multiple rooms, or gutting an entire house, produce significant debris. A 40-yard dumpster can handle construction materials, old furniture, drywall, flooring, and other waste.

Whether residential or commercial, large projects can generate substantial construction waste. A 40-yard dumpster can accommodate a variety of materials including lumber, metal, roofing shingles, and packaging materials.

Demolishing a structure, whether it’s a house, a large shed, or a commercial building, results in waste such as concrete, bricks, wood, and metal, all of which can be collected in a 40-yard dumpster.

When clearing out a large estate, especially one that has accumulated items over many years, a 40-yard dumpster can handle furniture, appliances, personal items, and general household junk.

Businesses undergoing major cleanouts, whether due to relocating, closing down, or simply decluttering, can benefit from a 40-yard dumpster. This includes office furniture, equipment, and general waste.

Community organizations or municipalities organizing large-scale clean-up events, such as cleaning parks, vacant lots, or streets, will find a 40-yard dumpster an essential convenience for collecting and disposing of the accumulated trash and debris.

After a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado, or flood, the amount of debris can be overwhelming. A 40-yard dumpster is perfect for handling large amounts of waste generated during cleanup efforts, including damaged building materials, fallen trees, and other storm-related debris.

Prohibited Items

There are certain materials to avoid putting into your 40 yard dumpster rental, as they require special disposal methods. Landfills won’t take these items, and you’ll be charged extra fees if you fill your roll-off dumpster with any of the following:

This includes items like paints, chemicals, solvents, pesticides, asbestos, and certain cleaning agents. These materials require special handling and disposal procedures due to their potential environmental and health risks.

Items such as televisions, computers, monitors, and other electronic devices often need to be disposed of through specialized recycling programs due to the presence of hazardous materials like lead and mercury.

Car batteries and household batteries contain toxic substances and should be taken to recycling centers or hazardous waste disposal facilities.

These can pose explosion hazards and usually require specialized handling and disposal.

Gasoline, kerosene, motor oil, and other flammable liquids are not allowed in dumpsters due to their fire hazard.

These items are highly dangerous and need to be handled by appropriate authorities or disposal programs.

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